Our Story

The formation of 欧美男男视频 by the Christian Brothers in 2007 continues the work of education that began in 1874.

In 2007 the Brothers entrusted the mission in education 鈥 inherited from Edmund Rice 鈥 to a new body: the Australian schools with their governing and administrative structures formed 欧美男男视频 (EREA).

In the main, the Brothers have directed their energies to work with those most in need. Ministries with refugees, with Indigenous people, for social justice, with the struggling of Africa and East Timor and the Philippines, have become new foci of ministry. Throughout the world, the Congregation is finding opportunities for growth in bringing hope where needed.

The Council and Board of EREA were entrusted with the governance of the schools. In turn, they appoint an Executive which administers the schools, ensure their faithfulness to their mission, and which maintain relationships with Church and government authorities.

EREA, as part of the mission of the Catholic Church, was charged with the responsibility for the governance of over 50 schools throughout Australia. Each school has a separate character and history but all draw life from the same charism of Edmund Rice and from the Gospel.

Our story continues to evolve as we regenerate the governance of EREA into a new structure from 2023.

鈥淲ere we to know the merit and value of only going from one street to another to serve a neighbour for the love of God, we should prize it more than silver and gold.鈥
- Blessed Edmund Rice